Latest Past Events

Zoom: Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms

This session covers an in-depth overview of pre-assigned breakout rooms and what it takes to make them work. Specific topics include host and participant requirements, potential quirks and pitfalls, reasons why issues may occur (and how to avoid them!) and a "good enough" scenario. Event recording from 12/08/2020:

Community Building Strategies

How do you build and maintain community with students at a distance? Join us to hear two panelists share their strategies and experiences on creating a sense of community and belonging: Nicholas Ball (Chemistry) will talk about his use of Slack for student connections.Jessica Tinklenberg (Program Director, CTL) will talk about the power of weekly…

Using Hypothesis with Sakai for Reading Annotation

This workshop will give an overview of the integration with Sakai, and cover the following topics:  What is and Why use the LTI tool in your Sakai Selecting a Document for Annotation (Digital and OCR)How to Annotate There will be ample time for questions and discussion. Event recording: