About Us

The Research and Instructional Technology Group works with faculty, instructional staff, and students on the effective and innovative uses of technology for teaching, learning, and research. Dedicated staff provide expertise and support in a wide range of areas including instructional technology, research computing, high performance computing, digital media, course design and pedagogical practices.

Student Workers

Our work could not be done without the incredible team of students we have working with us. A big shoutout and thank you to our current student workers!

Hey! I’m Austin Zang, a Pomona ’24 sophomore majoring in computer science and economics. I’ve been working with the ITS RITG group since September of 2021, and I’m very excited to do more this semester! Some of my favorite things to do outside of school are playing piano and guitar, running on the track and going to the gym, astrophotography, and skateboarding. I’m from Dallas, Texas and miss constantly seeing my two dogs—Snowy and Coco, an American Eskimo and Poodle—every day. Nice to meet you! 🙂

My name is Emily Briones. I am originally from a small rural town in Nebraska, so I am excited to be at Pomona College as an intended Psychological Science major. In my free time, I enjoy going on runs, painting, and spending time with my family and friends.

Hi, I am Eryn Ma (she/her), a sophomore interested in the interdisciplinary study of Cognitive Science and Computer Science. I love to watch anime and wander in nature in my free time. I’m obsessed with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tests recently.

My name is Zintan, and I am a senior at Pomona College. I am a Computer Science major, and I am passionate about music. I enjoy playing the guitar and the piano (beginner). I also play basketball for fun. I am from Ghana, and although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time of college here in California, I’m also looking forward to what life after school will be like.

Hi, I’m Chuck Lugai. I’m not sure if I have any other hobbies besides hanging out in Hyper and VS code. I also like to watch YouTube, and I might be addicted to it. I’m interested in creating an active lab with concentrations in Security and Privacy, AI, and Software Engineering in HPC. I got the inspiration from Professor Cranor’s colloquium presentation about Security and Privacy, but I learned that building this community and getting everything rolling would be very difficult. However, I believe this will allow many students to interact with HPC research and development and perhaps introduce the opportunity to compete nationally with research labs at MIT and CMU. As always, remember to stay hydrated!