About Us

The Research and Instructional Technology Group works with faculty, instructional staff, and students on the effective and innovative uses of technology for teaching, learning, and research. Dedicated staff provide expertise and support in a wide range of areas including instructional technology, research computing, high performance computing, digital media, course design and pedagogical practices.

Student Workers

Our work could not be done without the incredible team of students we have working with us.

Rohan Ahammed, 2023

Roman Ahmed, 2021
Jorge Aparicio, 2021
Abraham Arias, 2024
Eloise Burtis, 2024
Emily Briones, 2024
Hannah Caris, 2023
Lucas Cunningham, 2023
Rieanna Duncan, 2021
Hussein Faara, 2022
John Paul Ferrantino, 2024
Carson French, 2024
Marcel Alfonso Garcia, 2021
Nathaniel Getachew, 2023
Samika Goel, 2024

Matt Ivler, 2022
Shaun KewalRamani, 2024
Adeena Liang, 2023
Chuck Lugai, 2023
Christiana Marchese, 2024
Carson Martinez, 2023
Wiljeen Paul, 2023
Emily Ramirez, 2022
Elvis Santiago, 2023
Piper Sato, 2022
Elelta Sisay, 2023
Sadie Smith, High School
Ishan Varma, 2024
Rachel Yang, 2024
Julie Ye, 2023