What is it?

Zoom combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration into one platform.

Why use it?

Zoom allows users to virtually communicate face to face, making it the ideal platform for online courses, meetings, or social events. Features such as the chat functions, screen share, break out rooms, and the ability to record meetings, helps create an effective and adaptive video conference experience. Also, the webinar feature allows users to host events with a live audience.

Use case example

Kyla Tompkins, professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, strategically utilized Zoom in her instructional practices for the Fall 2020 semester. This allowed her to build and maintain a sense of community with her students from a distance. She structured her class to begin with everyone’s video and sound off as they read and marked up a previously selected text using Hypothesis. In doing so, students explored the text deeply while modeling a sense of presence. Additionally, she held her Zoom room classrooms open before and after class hours, allowing students to interact more informally and increasingly work together.

See Kyla discuss her use of Zoom in detail:

Other ways to use Zoom effectively, including Sociology Professor Jill Grisby’s example can be found in the following Chronicle of Higher Education article.

How do I get started?

Zoom accounts are now available for all Students, Faculty, and Staff of Pomona College.

To activate your account, go to: https://pomonacollege.zoom.us/

Select the “Sign In” button, which takes you to The Claremont Colleges Central Authentication Service.

Log in with your Pomona College user ID and password.

How do I get help?

ITS Staff is available to answer your questions and meet you for a consultation and/or group training, if needed. We can help brainstorm ideas for using Zoom in your teaching based on your specific needs and discipline. Simply reach out to servicedesk@pomona.edu.

Support Resources

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Help from ITS-Pomona

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Help from Zoom

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