What is it?

VidGrid allows for easy recording of video, audio and screen capture from most devices.

Why use it?

VidGrid is unique in its ability to screen record, record using a computer’s camera, or do both simultaneously. It has automatic closed captioning, and also enables users to edit, download, and share recorded or uploaded video. Users have the ability to insert questions, polls and other elements to create interactive and engaging asynchronous videos, which makes VidGrid a good choice for faculty who would like to incorporate pre-recorded lectures and other asynchronous content into their courses.

Use case example

VidGrid also enables non-users to record video using a guest link; videos get automatically sent to the user’s account. Biochemistry Laboratory Coordinator Katy Muzikar utilized this feature during the Fall 2020 semester. She had students record introductions with the guest record feature as a way to get to know her students (and for them to get to know each other!) before the first class meeting.

See Katy Muzikar discuss her use of VidGrid:

How do I get started?

VidGrid accounts are available to Pomona College Faculty. To activate your faculty VidGrid account —

  • Go to:
  • Enter your Pomona College email address and click the “log in” button, which takes you to The Claremont Colleges Central Authentication Service.
  • Log in with your Pomona College credentials and password.

How Do I Get Help?

ITS Staff is available to answer your questions and meet you for a consultation and/or group training, if needed. We can help brainstorm ideas for using VidGrid in your teaching based on your specific needs and discipline. Simply reach out to

Support Resources

You can also browse through our support resources to help answer your question(s).

Help from ITS-Pomona

The following includes documentation created by Pomona ITS:

For more how-to information, please see the full library of written and video tutorials.

Help from VidGrid

VidGrid has a plethora of documentation. For more video tutorials, please see the VidGrid tutorials, and for written documentation see the VidGrid help center.



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