An on-demand academic video streaming system for Sakai.

Getting Started

Video47 is a video on demand service that allows Faculty to build, manage, and view playlists inside the Sakai LMS. Video content is housed a video repository which contains around three to four thousand items. Video47 is an LTI Sakai tool, it uses Sakai to authenticate, and acts like other Sakai tools. 

To add the tool you must have the Faculty role to a site.  Once you are at a site, from the left menu select “Site Info” then “Manage Tools” from near the top. You will see Video47 towards the bottom of the long list, check it, then hit the “Continue” button. Next you will hit the “Finish” button then Video47 will appear in the left menu just like other tools.  

Once the tool has been added you need to  activate the your playlist. When you select the tool for the first time it will prompt you to do so and step you through the process. Once that is complete you can then open up the list builder.

Using the list builder will allow you to add and remove videos from your play list as well as copy previously used lists. Also, within the list builder you have the ability to search the video repository. 

More info

For help with viewing content you can visit our comprehensive help section located her:

Faculty information on how to get new content into the video repository please visit: 


For more information about the Video47 software visit: