Tablet Use

Using tablets as a remote whiteboard for online teaching

Getting Started

If you find yourself in search of a whiteboarding solution, we invite you to consider which features are most important to you. We have surveyed a number of tools, both hardware, and software, and have created this list to aid you in your decision-making process

If collaborating with the students on a whiteboard in real-time remotely is important to you, consider using ExplainEverything. Pomona College offers a subscription for those that want to use the tool. One of the most loved features is its “limitless” whiteboard where you can drag items around and “park” them for future use.

If you already have an iPad and looking to use a simple application for drawing and recording audio in sync, consider using Notability. We have compared its features to a number of other similar applications and its simplicity, coupled with the ability to have multiple pages with easy switching between them for AirPlay projection to your Zoom session won our vote.

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