What is it?

Sakai is the learning management system for Pomona and the Claremont Colleges.

Why use it?

For every course at Pomona, a course site is automatically generated before the start of each semester. This provides faculty and students an online hub where course materials and assignments are accessible at all times. Also, Sakai at the Claremont Colleges currently supports 32 learning management tools — including online quizzing, video streaming, and discussion forums — and is compatible with many third-party educational tools. This makes Sakai a convenient and multifaceted tool for both students and faculty.

Use case example

Sakai includes a feature called the Lessons tool which enables faculty to organize and customize course content in a variety of ways. Biochemistry Lab Coordinator, Katy Muzikar first used this feature to redesign the Fall 2020 biochemistry lab site to adjust to the online format (which was to be used by several instructors across all lab sections). She created a friendly and navigable site by developing a week-to-week modular structure embedding resources, links, assignments, and media per weekly topic. The consistent structure and detailed instruction helped facilitate student learning and engagement throughout the semester. For a closer look at the course layout, feel free to join Katy’s Biochem Lab Example Site on Sakai by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Sakai
  2. Click on the “Home” site tab (on the far left side of the screen)
  3. On the left menu, click “Membership”
  4. Within that window, click the “Joinable Sites” tab
  5. In the search bar in that window, type “Biochem” and press “Search”
  6. You should see “Biochem Lab Example Site” pop up in the list of results, as a site you can join. Join it by clicking “Join”

See Katy Muzikar explain her use of Sakai’s Lessons tool:

How do I get started?

To log in, go to:

Select the login link from the top right hand corner. You will be taken to the Claremont Colleges Central Authentication Service.

Log in with your Pomona College User ID and password.

How do I get help?

ITS Staff is available to answer your questions and meet you for a consultation and/or group training, if needed. We can help brainstorm ideas for using Sakai in your teaching based on your specific needs and discipline. Simply reach out to

Support Resources

You can also browse through our support resources to help answer your question(s).

Help from ITS-Pomona

The following is a list of the top ten Sakai skills for faculty.

  1. Sakai Site Access Policy
  2. Adding Sites to your Favorites Menu Bar in Sakai
  3. How to Copy Materials from a Previous Course Site in Sakai
  4. Adding or Removing a Tool from a Course Site in Sakai
  5. Adding Files to Resources in Sakai
  6. Manually Adding Users to Sakai
  7. Adding TAs to a Course Site
  8. How to Give TAs Gradebook Access in Sakai
  9. How to Create an Ubersite
  10. Creating and Maintaining Project Sites in Sakai

For more information, please see the full library of written documentation on one page!

We also have a library of how-to videos that highlight specific Sakai tools such as forums, lessons, wiki, and tests and quizzes

Help from Sakai

There is also has a comprehensive guide within Sakai (click the help button in the menu)! Or, you can view these Sakai resources.


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