Cowart Studio

Self-serve studio for high quality lecture recording

Getting Started

The Cowart Studio, located in the Cowart ITS Classroom, is a self-serve studio equipped with a podium, camera, lighting and Lightboard. This studio is available to faculty members who wish to create video lectures using higher quality equipment than at home webcams allow. Using the Cowart Studio, you are able to log in and record directly to your VidGrid or Zoom accounts. 

The Cowart Studio is available to faculty by appointment. Some of the footage from the following videos is taken from Revolution Lightboard promotional videos.

The Revolution Lightboard acts a writing surface which allows the viewer to see the lecturer while they instruct naturally as they would in the classroom. Writing on the Lightboard is illuminated, making it a great way to enhance lectures. The following video contains footage from a lecture by Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Cécile Marguerite-Evers. For more example videos, see the Revolution Lightboard collection of lectures and lessons.

More info

  • Asynchronous, recorded lectures.
  • Higher quality equipment for more professional looking videos.
  • Lightboard enhances teaching remotely and gives a more natural lecture performance

For Further Questions

ITS Service Desk: (909)-621-8061