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Zoom combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration into one platform.

Teaching with Zoom

Zoom allows users to virtually communicate face to face, making it the ideal platform for online courses, meetings, or social events. Features include chat, screen sharing, a whiteboard, breakout rooms, polls, recordings, and more—enabling online synchronous discussion and collaboration. You might use Zoom for one-on-one conferences, group meetings, or virtual office hours.

Zoom immersive view
Zoom Immersive View

Other ways to use Zoom effectively, including Sociology Professor Jill Grisby’s example, can be found in Beth McMurtrie’s “How to Make Breakout Rooms Work Better” from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Get Started

All Pomona students, faculty, and staff have Zoom accounts.

  1. To activate your account, go to Pomona’s Zoom site.
  2. Select the Sign In button, which takes you to The Claremont Colleges Central Authentication Service.
  3. Log in with your Pomona College credentials.

Helpful Resources

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If you need further assistance, ITS-RITG is available to answer your questions or meet you for a consultation. Contact us through the Online Service Desk.