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Kaltura is an on-demand, flexible video streaming system integrated with Sakai.

Teaching with Kaltura

Kaltura is a video streaming service integrated with our learning management system, Sakai, to replace Video 47. Through Kaltura, you can upload videos to Sakai to easily share them with your students. As you upload videos, they are encoded in such a way that accounts for various internet speeds. As a result, Kaltura’s video player can dynamically and seamlessly adjust to deliver an optimal video streaming experience for those with fast or slow connections.

Kaltura Media Gallery in Sakai Screenshot
Kaltura Media Gallery in Sakai

With Kaltura, you also can create clips from longer videos and/or playlists for your courses. Clips, of course, enable you to grab only the sections of videos that you want to share so students do not need to find the exact start and end points in the timeline or watch the video in full unless necessary. Playlists allow students to watch a series of videos more easily. For example, if you have a handful of video clips that you would like students to watch back-to-back, a playlist puts them together so that students do not need to search through the entire video gallery to find each one and then watch them separately.

Kaltura also offers machine captioning in multiple languages as well as the ability to upload external caption files to help meet accessibility guidelines.

Get Started

We will roll out several training opportunities to help faculty get up and running with Kaltura. See the Basics Guide below for a review of the initial training sessions.

Helpful Resources

Check out our growing list of resources to learn about how to use Kaltura in your teaching.

If you need further assistance, ITS-RITG is available to answer your questions or meet you for a consultation. Contact us through the Online Service Desk.

Copyright Information

Please note that Pomona College faculty and staff must obtain the appropriate legal rights to have and stream videos. Duplicates or rental copies cannot be used nor can content from streaming services (e.g., Netflix). You must make sure you have the rights to convert, upload, and stream videos via Kaltura. The Claremont Colleges Library is very helpful in acquiring legal copies of videos for faculty course use, so please reach out to them if you need to make a request. See the following list of copyright-related resources.

For information on the Video 47 replacement process, including FAQs, please refer to the Video 47 page.