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Gradescope is an online grading platform that helps make grading faster and more consistent.

Teaching with Gradescope

Through Pomona’s institutional license for Gradescope, faculty have access to all premium features in Gradescope including flexible rubrics, autograding of programming assignments, grouping of similar answers, and LMS integration. Gradescope provides a plethora of statistics on student grades, which is helpful in determining what topics students have the most difficulty with and how to provide extra supports or interventions. 

In the video (7:38) below, Jo Hardin, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, demonstrates how to link Gradescope to Sakai, create a new assignment, and comment on students’ answers. She notes Gradescope has allowed for efficient and consistent grading, especially because students can match pages to specific questions and rubric items can be adapted for all students. 

Download Gradescope Video Transcript

Get Started

To get started with Gradescope, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to Sakai with your Pomona credentials via the Central Authentication Service (CAS).
  2. Open the course in which you want to add Gradescope.
  3. In the course menu, click on Site Info and select the Manage Tools tab.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the triangle next to External Tools to expand it.
  5. Select Gradescope POM and click Continue.
  6. Then click Finish to confirm your selection.

You should now see Gradescope POM in your course site menu and can click the link to begin setting up and grading assignments with it.

Helpful Resources

Please peruse the following support resources to learn more about teaching with Gradescope.

If you need further assistance, ITS-RITG is available to answer your questions or meet you for a consultation. Contact us through the Online Service Desk.