Research Computing

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Pomona College supports faculty research involving digital technologies, specialized hardware and software, training, programming, and using high performance computing for solving more complex problems and those with large datasets or a large number of media files.

One of the key services we offer is working with you to find what kinds of technology and support you need for your research. This can range from selecting specialized software, to developing hardware configurations, to customizing applications, to data management, or to optimizing your code to run in parallel to take advantage of large computing clusters. 

At Pomona, we operate a high performance computing cluster (HPC). When supporting your research, we can help you decide if the HPC is the best option. Sometimes, research computing needs can be handled on standard desktops; in other cases, the computing needs can more efficiently be handled by the resources offered by HPC. For even larger computational needs, we have access to robust cloud resources such as Azure and XSEDE.  For more information, visit our web page on high performance computing.

We also work with students to provide hands-on experience with tools for digital research and high-performance computing, demonstrating the real-life applications of collecting data and how it can influence the world. We look for ways our students can apply their skills to faculty research, and for any other opportunities that may help your research, such as new grants and conferences.

If you’d like to see how we can help with your project, just let us know: