OTLC Faculty Resources

Research and documentation of the Online Teaching and Learning Committee

In May 2020 the Faculty Executive Committee charged a “representative group of faculty and staff with expertise and interest in course design and pedagogy” to assess faculty needs with respect to online course implementation and support, to provide opportunities for faculty development in areas related to online instruction, and to foster an informed and collaborative dialogue among faculty on matters related to online teaching and learning across the full range of pedagogical needs and formats (seminars, labs, performing arts, etc.).

Subcommittees and the Work Done:

Faculty Online Teaching Needs

This group combed through spring survey data and department reports to understand the pedagogical and technological needs of faculty teaching online. One result of their work is this valuable list of resources for meeting faculty’s online teaching needs:

OTLC Online Teaching Needs and Resources (Google Doc)

Student Experience

This group surveyed students to understand how students experienced the abrupt shift to remote learning in March 2020. Questions and subsequent recommendations for action focus on three areas: access to technology, mental well-being, and engagement with academics. The committee also prepared language for faculty to include in their syllabi on technology and mental health support. These materials have been shared with the Pomona faculty and the ASPC.

Community and Inclusion

This group considered what it means to engage in inclusive online pedagogy and how to build community in and across remote spaces. They created a rich document from which we learn that it is “not only possible to build real, meaningful community and connection online, but given the particular challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, offering courses online may well afford especially inclusive, equitable, community-minded opportunities for students.” 

Community and Inclusion in Online Teaching (Google Doc)

“Challenging Courses”

This group looked into pedagogical practices that are most challenging to imagine online, such as laboratory research; certain art, music, and theater practices, physical education. Members of this subcommittee worked closely with departments and prepared this document on online labs:

Potentially “Difficult” Courses – Science Labs (Google Doc)

Online Innovation

This group explored mechanisms to promote innovative pedagogical and curricular models that use Covid-19 as an opportunity that might excite students to enroll in online courses in fall 2020; their work also anticipates a period of transition in Spring 2021. More is yet to come!

Committee Members:

  • Anne Dwyer, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of German and Russian (Chair)
  • Janet Russell, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Support and Instructional Services 

Subcommittee on Faculty Online Teaching Needs:

  • Manisha Goel, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Jill Grigsby, Professor of Sociology
  • Hector Sambolin, Jr., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Academic Success and Assessment
  • Julie Tannenbaum, Associate Professor of Philosophy 

Subcommittee on Student Experience:

  • Hector Sambolin, Jr., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Academic Success and Assessment
  • Patricia Smiley, Professor of Psychological Science
  • Sean Volke, Student, ASPC Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Dylan Worcester, Assistant Director, Quantitative Skills Center

Subcommittee for Community and Inclusion:

  • Carolina De la Rosa Bustamante, International Student Advisor
  • Adan Gallardo, Director, Foreign Language Resource Center
  • Gilda Ochoa, Professor of Chicana/o Latina/o Studies
  • Jody Valentine, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics
  • Kara Wittman, Director of College Writing and Assistant Professor of English

Subcommittee on “Challenging Courses”. 

  • Jean Paul (J.P.) Gowdy, Assistant Professor of Physical Education
  • Genevieve Lee, Professor of Music
  • Janice Hudgings, Professor of Physics
  • Sara Olson, Associate Professor of Biology

Subcommittee for Online Innovation:

  • Mark Allen, Professor of Art
  • Marc Los Huertos, Associate Professor of Environmental Analysis

Committee Resources: 

  • Jessica Tinklenberg, Program Director, Claremont Colleges Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Susan Pennestri (ITS Consultant)
  • Tracy Arwari, Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Personal Success