High Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure was created at Pomona College to address the growing interest among faculty, students, and staff in utilizing aggregated computing power to advance research and teaching college-wide and to actively participate in the discussion about the future of this technology and its impact on the world.

Using HPC for your Research

Coming later in the academic year, we will have a set of dedicated physical nodes on site, with up to 1536 total cores and 6TB of ram, and with access to the full ITS infrastructure, we have the ability to run a 1000 core job faster than cloud-based services for large datasets while also addressing contractual and security concerns about the local storage of data. We can also leverage cloud-native technologies and run jobs in XSEDE with access to thousands more cores and up to 12 TB of RAM per node.

We have site licenses for Mathematica and MatLab, with the ability to run distributed jobs and a single node license for COMSOL. We support RStudio and JupyterHub in the HPC environment or as a dedicated server, and we recently enabled web-based submission for Gaussian jobs in Computational Chemistry using WebMO.

Get Started

If you’d like to see how we can help with your project, just let us know: Request a Consultation.