Augmented & Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR), is an immersive computer-based technology that replicates real or imagined environments to simulate a user’s presence. Augmented Reality (AR), on the other hand, is the live view of the physical, real-world environment whose elements have been augmented by sensory input such as data or graphics.

Using AR & VR for your Research

Virtual and Augmented Reality applications are beginning to be used in a variety of research settings:

  • Training simulations
    • Research goals: develop VR/AR training simulations for special applications or practical skills.
    • Pedagogical goals: utilize training simulations to better understand or hone practical skills within a Virtual Environment.
  • Experimental simulations
    • Research goals: develop VR/AR experimental simulations to analyze psychological/cognitive responses to digital environments.
  • Custom learning experiences
    • Pedagogical goals: develop custom learning experiences to enable students to visualize data or objects within a 3D environment.
  • Virtual field trips
    • Pedagogical goals: enable students to visit and experience field trips without leaving the classroom.

Get Started

We have a number of VR headsets set up in ITS. Please setup a time and we can give you a demo of the technology: Signup here