Thomas Moore

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Project Overview

Awardee: Thomas Moore, Professor of Physics

Title: Six Ideas That Shaped Physics: Introductory Physics Problem-Solution Database for Instructors and Students

Goal: The project’s goal is to finish developing a web-based application that started in 2016. The application allows professors to (1) view homework problem solutions themselves while designing courses and (2) to create lists of problem solutions that their students can view within a professor-specified time window.

Project Description

The Six Ideas That Shaped Physics project is an innovative approach to the college-level calculus-based introductory physics course. The system is designed to help students understand the hierarchical nature of physics concepts and develop strength and confidence in solving problems.

The course’s goal is to empower students to develop a deep and sophisticated understanding of physics for themselves by providing guided practice in applying sound physical reasoning in realistic situations.

Trajectory Diagram

Six Ideas That Shaped Physics takes a multimodal approach consisting of different types of supporting materials:

  • A Web-based system
  • Detailed problem solutions
  • Web-based support for homework
  • Supplementary text materials
  • Lesson plans and worksheets
  • Extensive guidance for both students and instructors

Project Outcomes

This service has been widely used, and analytics show that instructors at 75 institutions were active users:

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