Hahn Teaching with Technology Program – Call for Proposals

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The Hahn Teaching with Technology program, supported by the Hahn Fund for Innovation seeks projects involving technology and teaching.

The application period for the 2022-2023 academic year is now closed.

Call for Proposals Overview

We envision project proposals that will develop courses and course materials using specialized technology and that benefit from ongoing collaboration with ITS-RITG. While we welcome any proposal that meets these criteria, we particularly encourage requests to fund projects involving the following tools.

Ed Discussion

What pedagogical approaches, teaching efficiencies, or learning bottlenecks might this online class discussion tool help address? 

Beyond simple text, posts can include multimedia, annotations, equations using a visual math editor or LaTeX, and runnable code in multiple programming languages. See the Haaaaave You Met Ed? blog post for more information. 

Uses of Ed include the following:

  • Creating community by interacting through a social media-like interface
  • Having students problem-solve collaboratively outside of class
  • Finding answers to FAQs quickly by sorting, filtering, and searching posts
  • Tracking analytics to encourage participation and reflection that lead to insights through polls, endorsed posts, and frequent posts

Knight Lab Tools

What options might you provide for student choice by incorporating an assignment using a Knight Lab tool?

In response to the pandemic and as part of their online teaching, many faculty created more opportunity for student choice, including the context or content used for practicing and assessing skills, the tools used for an assignment, and the timing for completion of sub-components of tasks. The open-source digital tools provided by Knight Lab can help facilitate these opportunities. See Storytelling Projects for more information on each tool.

Examples of how students might represent their learning using Knight Lab tools include:

  • Merging key points of their learning with location 
  • Imposing a timeline to critical events 
  • Utilizing before and after images to highlight events over time
  • Creating web viewable narratives from panoramic images or VR-ready photos
  • Making connections by annotating interactive line charts

As mentioned above, we welcome all proposals for innovative teaching-with-technology projects. Your idea need not involve Ed Discussion or Knight Lab tools. Just apply!

Visit Hahn Recipients to get an idea of past projects.


All faculty and teaching staff are eligible to apply either as an individual or as a team.


We ask that awardees collaborate with us by

  • documenting their project reflections via a progress and a final report.
  • sharing the lessons they learned at an RITG faculty development workshop or event.
  • filming a project video and providing information for the Hahn Recipients pages.
  • considering sharing their project with the wider community through activities such as online communication, presenting at a conference, or submitting an article for publication.


Pertinent Project Proposal Dates:

  • Proposals due: Monday, May 16, 2022
  • Decisions announced: Early June*

*If your project would benefit from an earlier decision, please indicate this in your proposal.

How to Apply

Watch this space for a link to the online application form once the call for proposals opens.

Proposal Tips

In the video below, past Hahn Grant recipient, Professor Janice Hudgings, discusses writing an effective proposal.


For more information about the Hahn program, please contact Susan Pennestri at susan.pennestri@pomona.edu.