Virginie Duzer

Awardee: Virginie A. Duzer chairs the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures where she teaches advanced French classes on topics as varied as architecture, avant-garde movements, youth revolutions, art history or literature. She has published “L’Impressionisme littéraire” in 2013 (PUV), and her forthcoming book is entitled “le Mobilier de la couleur” (Cohen & Cohen).

Title: Artificializing Surrealism: a revamp of my cannibalizing surrealism class, with AI onboard

Goal: Virginie aims to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into her course on Surrealism, an aesthetic movement that initially focused on text and later developed into a more “image” centered movement. At the center of surrealism aesthetics, “automatism” or “écriture automatique,” will be explored with the help of AI tools like Chat-GPT and AI image generators. The project will encourage students to address several questions: What can AI help us understand about the surrealist aesthetic, and can AI recreate automatism? Virginie hopes to create an exhibit of these AI generated works and display them at the Hive.