Denise Machin

Awardee: Denise Machin, Ph.D., has run Pomona College’s ballroom dance program since 2016. This program is comprised of five Physical Education classes offered every semester as well as the third largest collegiate ballroom dance company in the country with over 100 members.

Title: Ballroom Dance Program Website and Video Library

Goal: Denise’s Hahn Project goal is to create a ballroom dance program website that provides video resources and relevant course materials for a series of ballroom dance classes offered through the Pomona Physical Education Department. The resources hosted on this website will include instructional videos that offer precise demonstrations of dance techniques, movements, and routines which will encourage students to practice independently. These classes are highly popular, with up to 60 students per class, and with continuous access to cumulative course material she hopes to positively impact the learning experience by helping students understand how each class builds upon the previous one.