2020 Grant Recipients

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the funding period in 2020 was dedicated to support the important and timely effort of course redesign and development. Specifically, the Hahn Fund provided stipends to faculty to engage in summer workshops focused on the pedagogical strategies of moving a course, or parts of a course, online, and the tools and techniques which support those strategies.

The summer course development opportunities included:

  • Course development workshops focused on revising face-to-face courses for online or partially online teaching and learning. These workshops were offered in two formats–a self-paced model or a cohort model featuring synchronous sessions with peers.
  • Technology sessions which provided training and support in the tools selected for course implementation.
  • Consultations for course design help, either one-on-one or small group.

Close to 90 faculty participated in the synchronous cohort model:

  1. Mark Allen (Art)
  2. Lisa Auerbach (Art)
  3. Newshaw Bahrenyi (Physics and Astronomy)
  4. Nicholas Ball (Chemistry)
  5. Galia Bar-Sever (Linguistics and Cognitive Science)
  6. Eleanor Birrell (Computer Science)
  7. Franny Brogan (Linguistics and Cognitive Science)
  8. Geoffrey Brown (Computer Science)
  9. Andre Cavalcanti (Biology)
  10. Gabe Chandler (Mathematics)
  11. Cris Cheney (Biology)
  12. Philip Choi (Physics and Astronomy)
  13. Pey-Yi Chu (History)
  14. Michael Diercks (Linguistics and Cognitive Science)
  15. Donna Di Grazia (Music)
  16. David Divita (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  17. Natalia Duong (Gender and Women’s Studies)
  18. Anne Dwyer (German & Russian)
  19. Joanna Dyl (Environmental Analyses) 
  20. Pierre Englebert (Politics)
  21. Adan Gallardo (Oldenborg)
  22. Jeffrey Geiger (Linguistics and Cognitive Science)
  23. Elizabeth Glater (Neuroscience)
  24. Maria Glukhova (German and Russian)
  25. Manisha Goel (Economics)
  26. Jean-Paul Gowdy (Physical Education)
  27. Jill Grigsby (Sociology)
  28. Eric Grosfils (Geology)
  1. Katherine Perez Guttierez (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  2. Fran Hanzawa (Biology)
  3. Janice Hudgings (Physics)
  4. Gizem Karaali (Mathematics)
  5. Zayn Kassam (Religious Studies)
  6. Emily Garrigou Kempton (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  7. Mihoko Kato (Biology)
  8. Ben Keim (Classics)
  9. Thomas Leabhart (Theatre and Dance)
  10. Genevieve Lee (Music)
  11. Rachel Levin (Neuroscience)
  12. Zhao Li (Chemistry)
  13. Marc Los Huertos (Environmental Analyses)
  14. Stephen Marks (Economics)
  15. Sara Masland (Psychological Science)
  16. April Mayes (History)
  17. David Menefee-Libey (Politics)
  18. Jon Moore (Biology)
  19. Nivia Montenegro (Romance Languages and Literatures) 
  20. Katy Muzikar (Chemistry)
  21. Marty (Wallace) Myer (Biology)
  22. Cristina Negritto (Biology)
  23. Joanne Nucho (Anthropology)
  24. Gilda Ochoa (Chicano/a-Latino/a Studies)
  25. Sara Olson (Biology)
  26. Danielle Ondarza (Music)
  27. Giovanni Ortega (Theatre and Dance)
  28. Joe Osborn (Computer Science)
  29. Mary Paster (Linguistics and Cognitive Science)
  1. Ross Pringle (Biology)
  2. Masha Prokopenko (Geology)
  3. Lynn Rapaport (Sociology)
  4. Linda Reinen (Geology)
  5. Hans Rindisbacher (German and Russian)
  6. Malia Roberson (Music)
  7. Colleen Rosenfeld (English)
  8. Erin Runions (Religious Studies)
  9. Tomas Summers Sandoval (History and Chicano/a-Latino/a Studies)
  10. Sarah Sarchin (Art)
  11. Marie Segura (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  12. Len Seligman (Biology)
  13. Michael Steinberger (Economics)
  14. Sharon Stranford (Biology)
  15. Julie Tannenbaum (Philosophy)
  16. James Taylor (Theater and Dance)
  17. Mercedes Teixido (Art)
  18. Hung Thai (Sociology)
  19. Jenny Thomas (Writing Center)
  20. Valorie Thomas (English)
  21. Kyla Wazana Tompkins (English)
  22. Jody Valentine (Classics)
  23. Margaret Waller (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  24. Heather Williams (Politics)
  25. Kara Wittman (English)
  26. Melanie Wu (Computer Science)
  27. Michelle Zemel (Economics)
  28. Jing Zhou (Asian Language & Literatures)
  29. Megan Zirnstein (Linguistics and Cognitive Science)
  30. Alma Zook (Physics)

Over 100 participants enrolled in the asynchronous self-paced model via Sakai!