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What is it?

Video47 is a video streaming system that delivers on-demand academic content.

Why use it?

Video47 gives faculty the ability to create video playlists within Sakai. This allows for the incorporation of video content into courses, and makes said video content easily accessible to students. Faculty are able to request that certain videos be added to the Video47 repository, which already features thousands of titles.

How do I get started?

Faculty can log in directly to Video47 with their usual Pomona username and password to search available films, and if they wish, create and edit their own playlists. If the films you’d like to use are not already in the Video47 repository, we will need you to provide us a copy so that we can encode them.

We must use legally purchased copies of the videos you wish to encode. We cannot use duplicates or rental copies, and we cannot use content from streaming services (eg: Netflix).

To watch videos for a class, students go to their Sakai course site, and look for a tool named “Video47.”

Note: to use Video47, your browser must accept third-party cookies.

How do I get help?

ITS Staff is available to answer your questions and meet you for a consultation and/or group training, if needed. We can help brainstorm ideas for using Video47 in your teaching based on your specific needs and discipline. Simply reach out to

Also, the Claremont Library is very helpful in acquiring legal copies of videos for faculty course use. Please let us know if you have questions about the library acquiring films you would like to use in your courses.

Support Resources

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Help from ITS-Pomona

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