Adding a Video47 Playlist

Video47 is Pomona College’s in-house, on demand streaming service for video content you wish to assign as part of your course materials. There are over 6,000 titles currently in the Video47 media library. To add the Video47 tool to your course site and explore the tool library, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Site Info” tab in the lefthand side tool menu. Click on the “Manage Tools” tab inside the central tool menu.

Site Info - Manage Tools

Step 2: Select “Video47” and hit “Continue.”

Select Video47

Step 3: Confirm adding “Video47” and hit “Finish.”

Confirm and Finish

Step 4: Navigate to the newly added “Video47” tool tab in the lefthand side menu. Click on the “Activate Playlist” button.

Activate Playlist

Step 5: Search for your name in the “Select User” drop down menu or, if you do not see your name listed there, follow the prompts for the “If user is NOT in the pull-down above click here…” option, then click “Next.”

Search for your name in the Select User drop down

Step 6: Once the tool has been activated, select “Open Playlist Editor in New Window” to search the Video47 media library and add content to your playlist.

select Open Playlist Editor in New Window

Step 7: This will open a separate tab inside the Video47 system. Enter text in the “Free Search” bar and hit “Go!” or sort by first letter of title to look for films. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, Pomona ITS can add films of which we have a local physical copy to Video47. If you would like to add a film but do not own a copy, check if the library has a copy and if not, request that they obtain one for your class. For assistance with this and to get an item in to the Video47 media library, submit a service desk ticket to with the details of the video request.

Enter text in the Free Search bar and hit Go!

Step 8: If you find a video you’re interested in, select the small play icon next to the title to view the film, or the small document icon to read information about the film. If you decide you’d like to add the film to your playlist, select the small plus sign icon next to the title. It is now available to you and your students to see via the “Video47” tool tab inside of your course Sakai site.

to add the film to your playlist, select the small plus sign icon next to the title