Creating and Maintaining Project Sites

Outside of your automatically-generated course sites, you may create your own “Project Sites” for other academic groups or activities for which it may be useful to you to have a Sakai site. Please note that project sites, unlike course sites, are not maintained by Pomona College ITS. In creating project sites, you are the sole site owner. If other users need access to your site you will have to grant it. If you need ITS assistance with the site, one of us will also need to be added. Project sites are never deleted.

Step 1: Select the “Sites” menu towards the upper right hand home page menu. Then select the “Create New Site” button.

Sites - Create New Site

 Step 2: Select the “project site” option and hit “Continue.”

Project Site - Continue

Step 3: Follow the prompts to detail information about your site, until you reach the “Project Site Access” page. Examine the options for public or restricted access depending on the purpose of your site. The default options are for a private site though some public groups on campus find It useful to have publicly searchable and joinable sites. Select the best option for your site and finalize your site creation.

Follow the prompts to detail information about your site

To manage the tools in your project site, see: Adding or Removing a Tool from a Course Site