Giving Community Auditors Access to Your Site

This is the process for adding any community members or non-registered Claremont Colleges users to your Sakai sites. Please note that guest accounts are not maintained by your college’s Registrar’s office. If your community auditor leaves your class you will need to manually remove them from the site.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Site Info” tab in the lefthand side tool menu, then click on the “Add Participants” button in the central tool menu. Use the second box on the “Add Participants” page to add your auditors using a full email address. Hit “Continue,” choose the “Auditor” role, check that all information is accurate, then hit “Finish.”

Use the second box on the Add Participants page to add your auditors

Step 2: If your auditor has never had a Sakai account previously associated with this email address, the act of adding them to your site will trigger the generation of this account. Tell your auditor to check their email inbox for an email from the “Sakai Learning Environment.” Please note that this message may end up in their spam or junk folders. This email has a link for them to finish setting up their account, including setting up their password.

Please inform your auditors that they will need to log in to Sakai via the “Guest Login” option, furthest to the right on the home page.

auditors need to log in via the Guest Login option

Step 3: If your auditor has previously had a Sakai account associated with this email address but have forgotten the password associated with the account, please advise them that they can reset their password by selecting the “Reset Guest Password” tab in the lefthand side menu of the home landing page at

auditors can reset their password by selecting the Reset Guest Password tab