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Sakai is the learning management system for Pomona and the Claremont Colleges.

To log in, go to:

All course sites are automatically generated before the start of each semester, providing faculty and students an online hub where course materials and assignments are accessible at all times.

Sakai at the Claremont Colleges currently supports 32 learning management tools — including online quizzing, video streaming, and discussion forums — and is compatible with many third-party educational tools.

Essential Sakai Skills for Faculty 

Some of the most common things we’ve helped people with —

  1. Copying materials from a previous course site
  2. Adding Files to Resources
  3. Adding or Removing a Tool from a Course Site
  4. Adding students to your site
  5. Giving Your TA’s Gradebook Access
  6. Giving Community Auditors Access to Your Site
  7. Adding a Video47 Playlist
  8. Adding a Syllabus
  9. Adding Sites to Your Favorites Menu Bar
  10. Creating and Maintaining Project Sites

See all skills on one page (note: it’s kind of a lot)

Sakai Help

For Sakai help, please contact the Pomona ITS service desk by phone, contact form, or email:

For online documentation, in addition to the comprehensive guide within Sakai (click the help button in the menu) we also have these resources —

Sakai Tips & Tricks

Frequently asked questions and new features.

Sakai New

Highlighting new features in the current version of Saki