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Ungrading Pomona’s Immunology Course – An Interview with Professor Sharon Stranford

As the group in ITS that collaborates with Pomona College faculty to bring excellence, enhanced by technology, to scholarship and pedagogy, we stay up to date with educational research and the technologies that underpin the most effective pedagogies. One topic that’s been on fire lately in educational research literature is ungrading. Ungrading removes the traditional and…

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Electronic Lab Notebooks

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) are, at their simplest, a digital version of the traditional bound paper notebook. While I’m unaware if any Pomona faculty have adopted ELNs for their courses, ELNs can be useful for STEM and non-STEM fields alike, and ITS would love to partner with interested faculty members.  Nature published an article a few…

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Computational Chemistry Creates a Unique Learning Opportunity in the Online Classroom

Over the last five years, computers have become as synonymous with chemists as test tubes. The considerable increase in computing power and decrease in cost during that time has meant the field of computational chemistry, which uses powerful computer simulations to solve chemical problems, has exploded. Researchers around the world can now use computer simulations…

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A Remarkable Note-Taking Device

Linguistics and Cognitive Science department chair Michael Diercks has discovered a new tool that has revolutionized the way he works: the reMarkable2, an e-ink tablet. The tablet offers an alternative to a traditional paper notebook. What makes it unique, however, is not its high-tech functionality but rather its low-tech nature.  E-Ink, sometimes called e-paper, mimics…