Grant Recipients Hahn Recipients

2021 Grant Recipients

ITS along with the Dean’s Office is pleased to announce this year’s awardees of the Hahn Teaching with Technology Grant. Supported by the Hahn Fund for Innovation, Hahn Teaching with Technology grants are devoted to cultivating instructional innovations using technology to advance teaching and learning for the success of all students. 

The following Pomona faculty were awarded Hahn grants:

Eric Grosfils 
Introduction to GIS for Geologists 
Goal: design the new Fall 2021 GEOL-189G: Intro to GIS for Geologists course using the latest GIS software (ArcGIS Pro) and examples that reflect a diverse array of geological topics throughout, in several instances connected to DEI/social justice themes.

Jen Scanlon and Bill Swartz
Physical Education 
Soccer Video System and Analysis Project
Goal: implement the use of Spiideo, a video recording solution, to enhance the teaching and learning of men’s and women’s soccer programs.

Jon Moore, André Cavalcanti and Mihoko Kato
Facilitating Better Flipped-Classroom Learning in Genetics
Goal: redesign BIOL-40: Introductory Genetics by replacing traditional reading quizzes with interactive videos and online video quizzes.

Feng Xiao
Asian Languages and Literatures
Individualized Chinese Vocabulary Retention Tracker
Goal: create a website to help Chinese language learners improve vocabulary skills using data visualization and tracing techniques.

Michael Morgan
Physical Education
Pauley Tennis Courts Video Streaming and Video Education
Goal: implement the use of Track Tennis, a live streaming video recording system, to help improve tennis coaching and help students train smarter and perform better.

Ellie Anderson
Public Philosophy Through Podcasting  and Social Media
Goal: redesign PHIL-054: Existentialism course with a new emphasis on public philosophy through podcasting and social media.

Janice Hudgings
Physics and Astronomy
Physics 50: Robotics with a Purpose
Goal: develop PHYS-050 CP: Robotics with a Purpose course as a more inclusive pathway into the physics and astronomy majors; the course is grounded in equitable pedagogy and includes building and programming drones in partnership with the Femineers, students from the Pomona Unified School District.

Tom Yeh
Computer Science
Visualization of Computer Hardware to Facilitate Computer Architecture Education in Liberal Arts Colleges
Goal: redesign CS-181OR: Computer Organization and Design course and augment CS-105 to utilize open source tools, such as Logism Evolution and RISC-V ISA, and open source modules for heterogeneous computing concepts.

Jing Zhou
Asian Languages and Literatures
Enhancing L2 Chinese Learners’ Literacy Through Online Extensive Reading
Goal: pilot and collect student data on the use of specific online reading materials to help Chinese language learners improve reading proficiency, including speed, vocabulary and grammar skills.

Sarah Queener
Physical Education
Spiideo Video Analysis
Goal: implement the use of Spiideo, a video recording solution, to enhance the teaching and learning of lacrosse classes.