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Discover LUNA at Pomona College

Claremont College students, faculty, and staff can discover, manage, and present digital images with LUNA at Pomona College. With over 249,000 images, LUNA is a powerful tool that offers access to more than 25 collections from Pomona and Scripps College and many external collections.

LUNA is a web-based digital asset management platform that makes it easy to organize, manage, and preserve images. Each image posted to LUNA is accompanied by detailed cataloging data, allowing users to conduct simple keyword searches of the collections.

To help illustrate how to use LUNA in teaching, learning, and research, we have highlighted three collections available through Pomona College: the Pomona Theater Garment Collection, the Boynton Collection, and the Pomona Visual Resource Collection.

Pomona Theatre Garment Collection

The Pomona Theatre Garment Collection offers students digital access to the 150+ historic garments tucked away in the Seaver Theatre costume shop.  These garments, which primarily include women’s clothing dating from the 1920s to the 1950s, have been used in various campus productions over the years. Many have grown delicate with age. The LUNA digital collection allows students to study the Theatre’s historic garments without physically handling them. 

Michael Mao ’19, a history major and theatre minor, worked with his advisor, Theatre Professor Sherry Linnell, to create the collection. Mao carefully placed each garment on a dressmaker’s form and photographed it from the front, back, and sides, including close-ups of interesting details or trims. With LUNA, these granular details can be restricted within the Claremont College community or offered as open access to all.

The Pomona Theatre Garment Collection digitally preserves these historic Pomona artifacts for scholarly research and reference and is used as part of Professor Linnell’s teaching. The collection is available to the general public and the wider academic community worldwide.

The Boynton Collection on LUNA

Boynton Collection

The open-access Boynton Collection offers a view of early Claremont through an amateur photographer’s eyes. This collection of glass plate negatives captures aspects of life in Claremont and at Pomona College around the turn of the twentieth century, from about 1895 through 1905. In addition to documenting local buildings and landscapes, the collection presents a candid glimpse of Pomona College student life, including athletic events, theatrical productions, college outings, and residence halls. The physical collection is housed in the Claremont Colleges Library’s Special Collections.

The Boynton Collection is a collaborative effort between the Claremont Colleges Digital Library and Pomona ITS. The collection, which already existed in another digital venue, was imported to LUNA to further its viewership. LUNA allows for easy repurposing of collection data from other systems and offers effortless search capabilities and greater viewership.

Pomona Visual Resource Collection

The Pomona Visual Resources Collection (on-campus or VPN access only) offers nearly 15,000 high-quality and well-documented images of art and architecture from the Prehistoric period to the 21st century. A mainstay of the Pomona College Art History Department, the collection began as an initiative to digitize the Colleges’ 35mm slide archive. It is a living collection where content is continually added and updated. Collection imagery comes from various sources, including books, commercially licensed slides, and faculty resources.

Pomona Visual Resources is an example of a closed collection that is not open to the general public and requires users to access the collection through a 7C network or VPN.  The collection is restricted because it includes some licensed content.

This departmental resource is extensively for both teaching and learning. Faculty and students can retrieve high-quality digital images for assignments, research, and presentations. Some faculty use the collection to share and embed images, while others generate PowerPoint presentations from its content.  LUNA has a built-in presentation capability for in-class lectures, replacing the traditional 35mm slide carousel used by art historians in the past. 

Creating a LUNA Collection

If you would like to digitally preserve imagery, objects, or cultural artifacts, please contact us at to set up a time for a consultation. When creating a new collection, you must provide or generate metadata for the collection items. It is also important to have physical possession or access to any objects to be digitized. Generally, collections should be at least fifty items in size.

Many Pomona collections have been created with the help of grant monies as well as work study positions. We can also help add content that is already digitized to the LUNA system. For more information, visit the RITG Tools page on LUNA and feel free to schedule a consultation for a comprehensive discussion of your digital preservation efforts or scholarly imaging needs.

Story by: Jason Smith