ITS-RITG Resources for Spring Semester

ITS has developed a wealth of resources to help faculty prepare for the spring semester. Whether you’re teaching remotely for the first time or you’re looking for ways to enhance your online teaching, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even amassed—and answered—the most frequently asked questions to save you time!

The Research and Instructional Technology Group (RITG) of Pomona ITS offers a complete set of online teaching resources on its user-friendly website.

RITG homepage
RITG Website

There you can find information about the tools and services we support or peruse past event recordings of faculty and staff development sessions covering a range of technical and pedagogical topics. Past topics for these sessions include ways to organize your Sakai course, strategies for building community, methods for integrating technology, and faculty lessons learned this past fall.

If you’re looking for tool-specific information, visit Tools. There you will find self-service documentation with step-by-step guides and faculty use case examples for each tool. These resources will continue to be updated as the semester progresses, so stay tuned.

Finally, anyone can access video tutorials in our VidGrid Org Library when logged in. These tutorials cover the many Pomona-supported tools such as VidGrid, Zoom, Sakai, Qualtrics, Hypothesis, StorymapJS, and TimelineJS.

Now, for the questions that frequently cross our path, and likely yours!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now, for the questions that frequently cross our path, and likely yours!    

  1. Can I share documents in Box with all students across the College? 

Yes, both Pomona and non-Pomona students can access the course materials you host in Box. Please see our detailed instructions to learn how to make a Box folder shareable to all using a URL.  

  1. How can students have VidGrid viewer accounts?  

VidGrid allows you to share a video link with anyone, but some functions—commenting, quizzes, and videos analytics—work best when viewers have registered accounts. To provide your students with VidGrid view accounts or to set up groups, contact the ITS Service Desk.    

  1. Why can’t my students see the Zoom links I created in the Sakai Zoom tool?  

Zoom on Sakai only allows students to see meetings created on the course site using the Sakai Zoom tool. Any meeting scheduled  the Zoom application or your browser will not show up for students in Sakai. If you would like a Zoom meeting to automatically populate in a specific course, be sure to schedule it in the Sakai Zoom tool for that course site. Any meeting scheduled outside of Sakai using the Zoom application or browser will need be added as a link elsewhere on Sakai using the invitation link.   

  1. How do I copy files from a previous semester’s course site?  

We offer detailed instructions on copying files from a previous course site on our RITG website.   

If you require any further assistance with your teaching needs, please reach out to us by sending an email to or calling us at (909)-621-8061.  

Here’s to a great spring semester! 

Story by: Emily Briones